Strathcona County Needs Real Leadership

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In the last forty months Strathcona County has seen a lack of leadership and a disconnected group of councillors. If this is to be the group representing the people then we need to see a change from the current lack of achievements.

Under the previous mayor:

- A Councillor was accused of harassment and of bullying a manager leading to consultant George Cuff being brought in at the cost of $60,000 to taxpayers.

During the last election:

- Three elected officials were told to leave the Transit terminal for campaigning and soliciting votes, which is against a transit bylaw.

Since then:

- The Cuff report list of recommendations has been blatantly ignored.

- Councillors have used coarse and abusive language to staff both ‘in camera’ and on publicly webcast meetings.

- The Mayor has chastised Council for voting against her.

- The Commissioner has not reported public complaints that electioneering was committed at the Great Canadian Trade Fair when the Mayor put up a campaign poster in a Strathcona County booth.

I bring these details to light because my community deserves better.

In my experience, a successful, unified team that operates with excellence all starts at the top with the leader. Your team will be a reflection of yourself. If you make honesty, character, ethical behaviour, unity, and excellence the focused staples of your leadership, then your team will also follow and reflect the same values.

I do NOT see this happening currently in Strathcona County.

I believe I reflect these characteristics and will bring these to the role of the Mayor. I provide leadership in action. It is, indeed, missing in our community.

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commented 2013-08-10 21:46:08 -0600 · Flag
I think we need a leader back… Not sure if that is you but the one in power is not strong!1 We need to spray for mosquitos and not lock out tax payers out of their home when repaving a road on a Friday??? Not impressed at all with the work being done and not done have had an awful summer due to mosquitos and trying to get home…. I want the things that apply to the real people who pay hard dollars taxes and have a say.. I don’t want any candy coated crap!! that is for Edmonton …
commented 2013-08-10 18:19:06 -0600 · Flag
I’m not nearly as interested in what she didn’t do… I’m more interested in what you plan to do if you are elected.
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