Initiative 8

Openness & Transparency

“As leaders, hoping to motivate and inspire a work force of over 1,500 professionals, Council needs to model the behavior we demand of others. We need to be open, honest and act with integrity at all times.”

In the first 90 days, I will ask Council to:

  1. Endorse making Councillor Records accessible on line, including: committee attendance and expenses, voting records.
  2. Reduce the number of hours of private (in camera) meetings and increase Open Council Workshops to the public.
  3. Endorse my Elected Officials educational plan to improve competency with mandatory training courses in finance, governance and communications.


Navigate my 9 in 90
1. Connecting With Residents
2. Implementing Fiscal Accountability 
3. Elevating Customer Service 
4. Empowering Resident Leadership 
5. Cultivating Business Innovation 
6. Balancing Rural & Urban Needs 
7. Smart Growth 
8. Openness & Transparency 
9. Creating a Collaborative Economy

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