Initiative 7

Smart Growth

“Council needs to take a close look at the patch work approach that is currently being applied to development. The focus of this priority in the first 90 days will be to lead a second look at the County’s Growth Strategy, with community engagement, ensuring facts guide our decision. What does Strathcona County want to be and look like in 25 years?”

In the first 90 days:

  1. I will ask Council to assess current factual information & planning direction for:
    - Future growth in entire North & East as a holistic area.
    - Completion of both the Bremner & Colchester feasibility studies.
    - Hamlet growth & revitalization
    - Industrial land availability & usage in the region
    - Hold a community wide engagement with public, development organizations & stakeholders
  2. Extend discussions of the Mature Neighbourhood Strategy to all neighbourhoods - both rural and urban.  Continued revitalization should be our priority recognizing change must be community and grassroots driven.
  3. Establish a Council priority to support the development of affordable housing across the county and to ensure this priority is considered in growth and development plants.


Navigate my 9 in 90
1. Connecting With Residents
2. Implementing Fiscal Accountability 
3. Elevating Customer Service 
4. Empowering Resident Leadership 
5. Cultivating Business Innovation 
6. Balancing Rural & Urban Needs 
7. Smart Growth 
8. Openness & Transparency 
9. Creating a Collaborative Economy

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