Initiative 5

Cultivating Business Innovation

“As the key player in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, we have Canada's largest concentration of petroleum refining, petrochemical, and chemical processors. Strathcona County is a powerhouse for business growth. Council must now turn its support to focus on the small to mid-size businesses to create diversity and long term success as a municipal leader.”

In the first 90 days I will:

  1. Establish a community driven committee to identify and develop business solutions focused on turning innovation into a long-term key strength for small/mid-sized businesses of 20-100 employees.
  2. Initiate a review of land use to encourage diversified business development.
  3. Direct administration to create a Rural Agri-Business Incentive Plan that considers adjusting the land use bylaw to encourage agri-business ventures.


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1. Connecting With Residents
2. Implementing Fiscal Accountability 
3. Elevating Customer Service 
4. Empowering Resident Leadership 
5. Cultivating Business Innovation 
6. Balancing Rural & Urban Needs 
7. Smart Growth 
8. Openness & Transparency 
9. Creating a Collaborative Economy

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