Initiative 3

Elevating Customer Service

“A municipality is not a builder of widgets. It is a provider of services. We must motivate our staff to offer the very best services of any municipality. We need to build on our successes.”

In the first 90 days I will recommend to Council that we direct administration to:

  1. Initiate the streamlining of the County permit process to reduce wait times and cut red tape.
  2. Establish a culture of Superior Service: initiate a recognition program for Superior Service; establish a cross-department team to identify and recommend a program for Superior Service Training.
  3. Initiate a routine Customer Service Audit program for every County department.


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1. Connecting With Residents
2. Implementing Fiscal Accountability 
3. Elevating Customer Service 
4. Empowering Resident Leadership 
5. Cultivating Business Innovation 
6. Balancing Rural & Urban Needs 
7. Smart Growth 
8. Openness & Transparency 
9. Creating a Collaborative Economy

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