Initiative 2

Implementing Fiscal Accountability

“The current challenges of regional growth, provincial economics and aging demographics will only increase in size and complexity with time thereby impacting our bottom line. We need to be more measured and fiscally responsible in our use of taxpayer dollars. Council needs to focus on their role as watch dogs of spending while maximizing efficiency and employing top notch service delivery methods.”

The first 90 days is the time to set the pace:

  1. Review and analyze spending to identify potential reductions in our operational and capital budget; tighten spending controls. (i.e. reverse decision of Council to approve $614 thousand to hire external consultants to build a three year budget & business plan.)
  2. Assess, priorize and initiate implementation of efficiencies identified in the Russell Farmer Report.
  3. Support administration’s efforts to initiate the ‘results based’ budget system where the priority is on: ensuring required services are delivered; constantly searching for efficiencies and reductions; saving and investing for our future needs.


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1. Connecting With Residents
2. Implementing Fiscal Accountability 
3. Elevating Customer Service 
4. Empowering Resident Leadership 
5. Cultivating Business Innovation 
6. Balancing Rural & Urban Needs 
7. Smart Growth 
8. Openness & Transparency 
9. Creating a Collaborative Economy

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