Who is Roxanne Carr?

Roxanne-sm2.jpgHi, my name is Roxanne Carr and I am journeying toward becoming Strathcona County's next Mayor on October 21, 2013. Thank-you for visiting my website. Please take a look around and I hope you sign up to be a supporter and tell two of your friends. If you have additional questions, concerns or comments please do not hesitate to contact me at Roxanne@carrformayor.com.

Education and Career Background

  • Bachelor of Science from University of Guelph, ON
  • Manager/Owner of Waterfield Stud Farm, Ontario
  • Assistant Manager at Pacific National Exhibition, Vancouver, BC
  • Manager Farmfair International, Edmonton, AB
  • Manager Western Canada Farm Progress Show, Regina, SK
  • Manager Queensbury Downs Racetrack; Southern Saskatchewan Teletheatre network
  • Executive Director of Alberta Agricultural Societies
  • Economic Development Officer, Lamont County, AB
  • Elected municipal official – 2007 to current

I stand for openness, honesty and transparency.

For fiscal responsibility.

For collaboration.

For accountability and respect for one another – for fellow colleagues (councillors); staff and most of all respect and service to our residents who we must represent with honour and diligence.

I have listened to Strathcona County residents – seeking to understand your issues – and acting on your behalf. I listened to your requests for improved recreation. I identified neighbourhood leaders & asked them to join project committees – to become a part of the solution. (I created a book of Champions as I walked through neighbourhoods every spring, summer and fall for six years).


Together we were successful:

You chose manufacturers & selected new playground equipment.

You advised staff on the design of the first community spray park in Strathcona County.

You joined us to plan and participate in the first 3 urban Community Gardens in Strathcona County.


You spoke and I listened:

I heard your concerns about Safety on the streets & in the neighbourhood.

To address that:

I supported the formation of the Speed Watch Volunteer Program to educate drivers.

I lobbied for and realized 5 electronic driver feedback signs and countdown lights.

I supported fire station expansions and a new fire hall.

I supported the vote to hire more EMS and RCMP.

I brought forward the policy for Open Public Engagement in an attempt to improve the way the municipality communicates with our residents.

I lobbied for the Light Efficient Community Policy.

I will continue to support Parents Empowering Parents, Block Parents, Crime Watch, Citizens On Patrol – all volunteer organizations. The commitment of volunteer hours in these organizations is staggering – and makes Strathcona County the inclusive & caring community that it is.

I stood tall to support Saffron and the Information and Volunteer Centre.

I will continue to promote programs that build neighbourhood connectedness through knowing your neighbour.


When you called me to help increase accessibility for seniors & residents who faced challenges, I listened.

I lobbied successfully for the creation of the Advisory Committee for Improving Accessibility in Strathcona County.

I championed the first Older Adult Plan in Strathcona County.

I worked to expand Accessible Transit to provide services on nights and weekends that is equitable to our public transit.

I stood by you in your demands for free seniors transit in off peak hours. Together, we succeeded.


I heard your demands for increased efficiency and financial accountability on all levels:

On the Ward level, once again I went looking for community leaders from my Ward & others. There you were.

Together, we developed the ‘Building Strong Communities Funding Program’ to allocate Councilor Priority Funds. This model stands alone in our municipality as an outstanding example of how residents advise their Councilor on how to spend taxpayer dollars on specific community projects.

It's your money. You should have your say!

On the Municipal level, I advocated for increased efficiencies since 2007, when I joined Council. Single department reviews were expanded into multi department functional reviews.

Finally in 2011 my fellow Councillors agreed to hire an external party to complete an efficiency audit at the organization wide level: the Russell Farmer Report. I continue to lobby for the comprehensive implementation of the 87 recommendation report.

I have advocated long and hard for strong customer service focus & culture change. Municipalities sell services - that means we must have leading customer service.

I demanded openness and transparency. Finally the in camera agenda was made public. I continue to lobby to make Council workshops public.


Strathcona County Involvement

(Council work, community involvement, volunteer work, etc.)
I was elected to Council to represent Ward 2 in October, 2007 and was re-elected in 2010. I served on the following committees:

  • Accessibility Advisory Committee
  • Boards & Committees Selection Committee
  • Capital Region Board Housing Committee
  • Capital Region Services to Children Linkages Committee
  • Emergency Advisory Committee
  • Festival Place Advisory Committee
  • Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Inter-City Forum on Social Policy
  • Strathcona County Library Board of Directors
  • Pioneer Housing Foundation Board of Directors
  • Pride of Strathcona Awards Selection Committee
  • Seniors Advisory Committee
  • Bylaw Enforcement Order Review Committee
  • Economic Development & Tourism Advisory Committee
  • Information & Volunteer Centre Board of Directors
  • Resolutions Committee
  • Seniors Management Services Committee
  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
  • Youth Advisory Committee
  • Ward 2 Building Strong Communities Committee


Horses, cycling, gardening, reading, writing, and photography.


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