"BAD LIE" on Broadmoor Golf Course

Apparently there were a couple of "bad lies" on the course the other day. A ball went into the sand trap, and another was a rumour going round that I am encouraging a housing development on the course! Well, well! I may not be the best golfer, but I certainly understand the need for greenspace and recreation in our community!

In fact, when I first came onto Council in 2007, I asked for a report on the golf course. Just how well was it serving the public? I was given a satisfactory answer from administration that it served all demographics, was not a private club and was a valuable to our community for public recreation and green space. Recently I supported revitalization of the club house and member participation in directing future improvements. Health and wellness is a top priority in our community.
Say, let me know if you hear of any other "bad lies" - I will be pleased to suggest a golf pro or two!
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Good point Tim,
Multiuse trails, multiuse space – that gives us the best bang for our tax payer dollar. I know that our golf course is fabulous for offering training and experience for all age demographics, and I like your thoughts on the trail…I wonder what other trail users think…after all risk is mitigated to a degree since we all wear our helmets when cycling (say yes people!)
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Green space is so vital to our community; we sure don’t want to see such a treasure turned into housing.

It would be nice, though, if there were some way to create a more mixed use green space. For example, when I cycle through the park, this course is really a barrier — I have to go (mostly) on streets on either side of it to get where I am going.

I wonder …. would there be any possible route for a simple bike/walking path from the clubhouse more or less directly west?? I suppose safety (from errant golf balls) is but one issue with that.
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